Hiring a Team vs Hiring an Individual

Case Study: A real-world example of why relying on a single individual to carry out your marketing tasks for your business isn’t effective.

Employee graphic designer (Sarah) is told that she needs to design a flyer for the upcoming tradeshow for their company. Sarah gets the tradeshow information from the company’s owner (Monica) and starts to design the flyer. Sarah finishes the flyer and sends it back to Monica for review. Monica loves it and now Monica wants to promote the new flyer on their company’s website, their social media channels, and she also wants to send out an email blast to their customer list. Since Sarah created the flyer and is one of her employees, Monica immediately appoints Sarah to carry out these tasks.

Sarah might have the skills to post this on social media as a graphic designer, but can she promote it on their company’s website and send out an email blast as well? Maybe. If not, Sarah will need to either figure out how to do all of this herself (bad idea) or coordinate with others associated with the company to get this done.

After a few back-and-forth conversations between Monica and Sarah, Sarah finds out that Monica hired a freelance web developer (Jeff) who built the company website and he currently manages it. Sarah then reaches out to Jeff who correctly uploads the flyer to the website and makes sure that the flyer’s web page is SEO friendly so that the flyer can be found by a simple Google search. This part of the task is now solved!

Sarah now needs to add the flyer to the company’s social media channels. Sarah figures this out and gets it done in an hour and a half. Not bad. Now Sarah just needs to send out an email blast to the company’s email list. Sarah has some email marketing skills because she has done a few of them in the past, but it’s not her expertise. Remember, Sarah is a graphic designer by trade.

Sarah spends the next few hours putting together an email design using Mailchimp. Sarah then sends a test email to Monica for approval. Monica gets the email, but she isn’t happy with it. The graphics look great, but the layout looks funky on mobile and the links in the email aren’t working properly. Monica also mentions that she wants the copy in the email to be improved so that it increases the likelihood that their customer will actually attend the upcoming tradeshow.

Sarah spends the next few hours trying to fix the issues but realizes that she needs help. Sarah really needs an email marketing specialist to clean up the code in the email to fix the mobile layout and link issues. Sarah also needs a copywriter to help her improve the content so that it increases the likelihood that their clients actually attend the tradeshow. Unfortunately, Sarah doesn’t have access to an email marketing specialist or a copywriter, so Sarah is forced to figure it out herself.

Sarah spends more time on this and eventually figures out how to fix the layout and link issues with the help of Jeff. Monica spends some of her time helping Sarah improve the email copy. Finally, after a long day, they send out the email blast and everyone is happy.

What took a solid 8 hours to do could have been done in less than half of the time if Monica and Sarah had access to an email marketing specialist and a copywriter. Instead, both Monica and Sarah lost time that could have been working on something else that is within their specialty instead of spending time on things that were not. Not to mention, spending more money than necessary to achieve the same tasks by paying Sarah to spend time on projects that she really shouldn’t have been working on in the first place. 

Monica learns an important lesson here and decides to hire HiredMarketing.com for her next marketing project which saves her time, money, and frustration.

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