Did you know that blogging is one of the best ways to get your business and/or products ranked highly and organically in search engines? Search engines LOVE content and they will reward you for creating relevant content that is both unique and specific to your blog’s niche.

We know…blogging takes a lot of time and you are probably thinking that you don’t have the time to commit to keeping up with a blog. However, can we make a couple of suggestions for you?

First Suggestion – Make the time. This sounds obvious, but all you need to do is pick one day during the week and then pick a time that is usually uninterrupted…maybe early mornings? Then set a timer for no longer than 1 hour and crank that blog post out. It doesn’t have to be lengthy either, it just needs to be consistent and of quality content.

Second Suggestion – Hire it out. There are plenty of copywriters out there in your niche who can write your blog posts for you. If you don’t have the time to find and vet out a copywriter, we can help you with this.

Now you might be asking yourself, is blogging really going to make a difference in getting me more traffic to my business and/or product? The answer is still YES!

How about an example to help prove this point. Let’s say you’re an ambulance chaser in New Orleans, Louisiana…in other words, you’re a lawyer who specializes in helping accident victims fight the insurance companies and hopefully get a large claim for your client. Unfortunately for you, there are literally hundreds of other lawyers that you’re in competition with. How do you get ahead of your competition online? Well, you could always run a PPC Ad Campaign (learn more about PPC Ads here) but that can get pretty expensive ($3.75 per click) since there is a lot of competition out there in your niche. The better option would be to add a blog to your website and write regularly (at least once per month) about legal problems relating to accidents. Then within just a few months, your blog and/or website will start to rise in search engines organically for your targeted keywords! Learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by clicking here.

Let’s assume that we have convinced you to start your own blog (and because you’re smart). How do you get started? There are several blogging options out there and you should go with the option that integrates with your current website framework. However, if you don’t already have a current website framework, then we highly recommend that you use WordPress to create your blog because it is the biggest and best blogging platform out there.

In order to get started blogging, we highly recommend that you install WordPress as a subdomain ( or of your current e-commerce store or website if you already have one.
Note: if you already have WordPress as your website and/or online store, then you don’t need to do this because you will just blog using your current website.

Once WordPress is installed on a subdomain of your website (preferably on a different server for security reasons), you will need to design it to match your current e-commerce store and/or website so that your store and blog flow seamlessly. After that, it’s time to start blogging!

Blogging does a lot more than just help you get search engine rankings, but it also helps you engage with your customers and it also gives your business credibility as well. What are you waiting for, start blogging as soon as possible!

Drew Restivo

Drew Restivo
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