Q. Who Is Hired Marketing?

A. We are a product marketing agency that helps businesses of all sizes and industries sell more of their products, both online & offline.

Q. How Do You Help Businesses Do That?

A. We first identify the issues that are limiting a business’s online product sales. This is usually apparent after we conduct our initial Product Marketing Analysis (PMA). After that, we create a product marketing game plan that outlines the steps that we would need to take in order to fix the issues that we have identified in our plan.

Q. Who Creates This Product Marketing Analysis (PMA)?

A. We are a small company, so our founder, Drew Restivo, will most likely complete your Product Marketing Analysis (PMA).

Q. Who Is Drew Restivo?

A. Drew Restivo is our founder and lead hired hand in product marketing here at Hired Marketing LLC. He has just under 20 years of experience in marketing and has helped hundreds of companies with their marketing needs throughout those years. 

You can learn more about him on LinkedIn.

Drew Restivo
Drew Restivo
Founder / Product Marketing Specialist

Q. Where Are You Located?

A. We are based out of the New Orleans, Louisiana area in the United States of America (USA), but we have hired hands from all over the world including: Florida, California, Canada, Belarus, and Israel.

Q. Who Are Your Hired Hands in Product Marketing?

A. It takes a highly specialized team to do effective product marketing. Our current hired hands consist of:

Q. Do You Have any Examples Of Your Work?

A. We sure do! Let’s talk and we will send you some examples of our actual projects that are similar to the ones that you’re looking for. We don’t post our client’s work on our websites because every client that we work for has a confidentiality clause in their marketing agreement that prohibits us from posting their information on our website. We do this to protect our clients so that they aren’t solicited with SPAM calls, texts, faxes, and emails by rogue marketers looking for new leads. Unfortunately, this is the reality of our industry. There are a lot of spammers out there trying to sell you sub-par web development, SEO, marketing services, etc., and one of their strategies is to scrape web data (using Python) on marketing agency sites looking for new customers they can solicit. Nobody wants more robo spam calls, texts, faxes, and/or emails, as we all get too many of those as it is already. Talk to us to see some examples of our work.

Q. Which E-Commerce Platforms Do You Recommend For My Store?

A. In order for us to recommend the best e-commerce platform for your business, we need to know a few things like:

If you have answers to these questions, then let’s talk so that we can recommend the best e-commerce solution for your business. The 3 main e-commerce platforms that we regularly build with are Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify, but we can work with other e-commerce platforms as needed. Choosing the correct e-commerce platform to work with is essential to the success of your store and we are happy to help you with this. Click here to answer these questions and to receive our recommendation within 24 business hours.

Q. Do You Still Have Questions?

A. We would hope that you do…let’s talk!